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The Lake Superior RTACis an organized group of health care entities who have an interest in organizing and improving trauma care within our region. Our primary purpose is to design, implement and evaluate a trauma system within the region that is data-based, confidential and sensitive to the needs and limitations of our area.

An RTAC serves as the unifying foundation to bring together all local, county, regional, state, federal and other agencies, for the planning, education, training and prevention efforts needed to assure the exemplary care needed pre, acute and post injury for all visitors and citizens in Wisconsin.

The RTAC is designed as in inclusive organization and no formal membership application, fees or rules apply for general membership. We welcome anyone interested in joining us. 

Our members include:
  • Hospitals
  • All levels of EMS providers
  • Critical care transport and helicopter service providers
  • Public health
  • Emergency management
  • Dispatch agencies

Our region is based on the trauma referral pattern into our Level II hospitals in Duluth, MN,

Our region is very rural covering covers 5 counties, 6,100 square miles and 85,000 citizens - That's just under 14 people per square mile. 

DHS Moves to Modify Regional Boundaries

After review of WHEPP, RTAC, public health and WEM regional maps, the Department of Health Services has announced that they will modify the regional boundaries of the public health regions and RTACs to match the existing Hospital Preparedness (WHEPP) regions. Discussion began last Fall as an effort to improve communication and planning efficiencies and follow the Federal health care coalition model. The Emergency Management regions will not be changing but they will have an active role in health care coalition building.


DHS did point out that hospitals, EMS agencies and other providers should still participate in the region that makes sense for them regardless of what the map says. Participants should be active in the region that matches their patient referral patterns.


The changes to the Lake Superior Region are huge!  We will be joinging with two addional regions that fit into WHEPP Region  that extends from Ashland County to the Minnesota border in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  This change is dispite the fact that we each have unique patient referral patterns. DHS is beginning work on the plan of how we will move to these new regions and how these regions will be funded. Barring general budget cuts, the overall amount of money designated for the trauma system is not changing. They did say that any formal changes will be at least 11 to 15 months away.

No Word on New State Trauma Coordinator


No word from DHS yet on any possible new hires for the State Trauma Coordinator position. The position has been vacant for eight months now and the only word from the State is that they have candidates and are in the second round of interviews. Keeping our fingers crossed!


The good news is that an epidemiologist has been hired and is starting soon. The epidemiologist will mine, extract, massage and interpret the data from our various programs to help put of all the great information to work for our programs. 

Upcoming Events

Lake Superior RTAC Membership and PI Meeting
March 26th Hayward Area Hospital
PI Meeting at noon (closed)
Membership at 1300
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Comprehensive Advanced Life Support


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Highway 27 South

Hayward, Wisconsin 54843

Trauma Module March 4, 2014 6-9pm

Provider Course  March 5-6, 2014

Advance registration is required.
(612) 626-2352

Advanced Trauma Life Support
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Statewide Tourniquet Project

Through a grant from Hospital Preparedness, each RTAC is able to provide tourniquets to every licensed EMS Agency in the state.  Prior to implementing the use of tourniquets, each service will need medical director approval, a change to their protocols as well as education on the proper use of tourniquets.  

This information is available through your RTAC.  I have included ithe information on the resource page.  


Dan Diamon, Coordinator
5036 S Maple Dr
Poplar, WI 54864